GORAL-export d.o.o.
Sede: Partizanska cesta 135, 6210 Seana, Slovenija
Telefon: +386 (0)5 707 20 00
Fax: +386 (0)5 734 20 24
E-naslov: info@goral-export.si

We have our own wood drying chamber where sawn wood or elements are being dried for our own production or on our client's needs. Final humidity value depends on further treatment of the wood or on the client's demand. We mostly dry beech wood with the span of final humidity from 8 18 %.

The capacity of our drying chamber is 40 m3 (cubic meters). The heat for drying chamber is provided from sawdust, dryer type: convectional, chamber type with partial air exchange. We operate with the temperatures from 28 up to 70 ?C. The drying temperature is based on wood species and given humidity of wood.



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