GORAL-export d.o.o.
Sede: Partizanska cesta 135, 6210 Seana, Slovenija
Telefon: +386 (0)5 707 20 00
Fax: +386 (0)5 734 20 24
E-naslov: info@goral-export.si

We are a small manufacturing enterprise with our own production lines and storage areas. We are situated in Seana 1 km from Slovenian Italian border. Our production lines consist of:

  • halfproducts of solid wood: elements, strips, squares,
  • wooden or metallic chairs and
  • upholstered seats

We can offer you: sawn wood, elements, squares, strips/friezes, curved elements and other solid wood half products for the production of wood panels, chairs, tables, wardrobes, stairs, floors, parquet, beams, hangers, planks, handels and other products of solid wood.

We also produce upholstered chipwood seats, solid wood seat or plywood seats for chair producers
We are glad to offer you classic wooden chairs, modern chairs, chairs for children and tabure.

We have our own drying chamber and we are able to offer you kiln dryed (KD) massive wood.


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